part one



I'm so excited to finally start sharing the first images from our road trip in the U.S. We decided to rent a car after Coachella and drive from Palm Springs to the Grand Canyon, and then to Page and Las Vegas before spending another week in L.A.

I'm sharing these images first because they were among my favorite. All three locations were situated in the Page area, and I think both Luca and I absolutely fell in love with them. While the Grand Canyon is super breathtaking and humbling, it's also very touristic - from our personal experience, these locations (especially Horseshoe Bend) were much more low key and made us feel more connected to nature. I thought I'd share a few tips in case you are headed there as well!



  • the best time of the day to visit is between 11am and 2pm (although it's also the most crowded)
  • make sure you book a tour through the local Navajo people (directly near the entrance at Upper Antelope Canyon) rather than a Page-based company
  • I am personally slightly claustrophobic and I also don't like being in a crowd, but this place was fine for me

horseshoe bend

  • best time to visit is definitely sunset / golden hour (just google it to find the exact sunset time)
  • you have to walk for about 20 minutes to get there, but it's SO worth it!
  • my personal favourite location from our entire road trip (less touristy / more intimate & laid back)

lake powell

  • make sure you book a boat tour on the lake! it's the best way to discover it
  • we also went at sunset and it was really beautiful


  • although it is ideally located for exploring nature in the area, there isn't much to do in Page itself.
  • we did however discover & love the Blue Buddha Sushi Lounge
  • we stayed at the La Quinta Inn - not the fanciest place ever but it was really good!


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