This is officially my last post from L.A. We had such a great time taking pictures on the West Coast, the light over there is absolutely crazy and well, the sceneries are pretty rad as well. Every day we were amazed by the golden haze that envelops the city right before sunset - it's like nothing else in the world, especially near the ocean.

Oh my do I love the ocean! We were in an Uber once and the driver told us that he knew the best place to go whale watching, he said there were hundreds of them (mostly dolphins but also many whales that were migrating) just off the coat and it made me want to go so badly!! Unfortunately we did not manage to go since our trip was coming to an end but I swore to myself I would go back. There's nothing like seeing wild animals (especially huge ones like whales) in their natural habitats. I remember going whale watching with my parents in Canada a few years ago and it is still to this day one of my favourite memories ever..

So yeah, last post from Los Angeles, for now – we'll be back for sure ;)


cardigan Sandro (similar) - shorts Lovers + Friends (similar) - swimsuit worn as a top Tularosa (budget) - sunglasses Ray Ban - jewelry Reveries d'Eve and Chupi