At the beginning of the month I was very lucky to board a flight headed to New York City, aka the place where dreams come true. I have been to New York six or seven times already but every single time it still gives me goosebumps. There is such a powerful energy in this place - it's like nothing else in the world. I always come back from NYC feeling so inspired and ready to kick ass again.

This time I was not with Luca but with some of my blogger friends from Switzerland: my girl Alison (who you probably know by now) and also Zoe and Sandra <3 it was a super fun girls trip as we were all invited by Lidl to celebrate the launch of their collab with Heidi Klum.

Please excuse the messy article - this month has been so hectic I didn't have time to create nice collages like I always do, but I still wanted to share a few shots of the trip! Hope you won't mind :)

Lots of love guys xxx

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