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Last weekend Luca and I exchanged our good old Fiat 500 for another, newer Fiat 500 and headed down to Italy. We were invited by Martini to discover the Martini Terrazza in Milan as well as their Casa in Pessione, near Turin. We had lots of fun and it was a great way to say goodbye to summer! I hope you'll like these few shots, lots of love guys and happy start of the week! x




Terrazza Martini in Milano

As soon as we arrived in Milan we headed straight to the Terrazza Martini (in a cab of course, never drinking + driving) for a well deserved Martini Tonic - the perfect Italian Apéro drink. Not only was the cocktail really good but the view is also (in my opinion) the best one you can get on the iconic Duomo Cathedral.

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Casa Martini in Pessione

On the next morning, we drove from Milan to Pessione, a small town near Turin where we visited the Casa Martini - the place where they produce the iconic Italian drink. We got to visit a museum about the history of wine, another one about Martini itself, and then we were lucky to attend a private mixology + bartending class. We made our own Vermouth from scratch and also learned how to make a few iconic cocktails.

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Fiat experience in Turin

On our last day, we drove to Turin and visited the Centro Storico Fiat, a super cool (free!) museum about the history of the brand. Did you know they even used to make planes?! Pretty crazy right. I'm personally a big fan of vintage cars so I spotted a few models that I wouldn't mind driving around :) we also went to the Mirafiori factory where they make the Fiat cars - and Fiat 500 is celebrating its 60 years at the moment, which the brand decided to commemorate with a special "Anniversario" model! Having a 500 myself I have to say it was quite cool to experience all this.

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in collaboration with Martini + Fiat