Guyyys i am so so sorry for the lack of updates! It's been so crazy over here and we STILL don't have internet at home.. Thankfully there's a wifi hotspot across the street that I can kinda access if I stand on the couch with one foot in the air and the laptop held as far as possible above my head haha

Anyways, apart from that life in London is treating us so well, I did a little life update on YouTube if you guys are interested in checking it out - maybe I'll also write an update on here when I have a bit more time!

In the meantime here is a look I wore during London Fashion Week (feels ages ago already) - hope you guys will like it! Lots of love as always xxx


Brandy Melville sweater (kind of similar) - Lovers + Friends pants via Revolve (budget) - Iro sneakers (similar) - Bally bag (budget) - Dior So Real sunnies (budget)

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