Last week we headed to Greece for a few days – we were invited by the beautiful Costa Navarino eco-resort near Kalamata, in the Peloponnese region. I cannot tell you what I loved more about this place: between the shelter for stray dogs set by the hotel (hotel guests can visit the dogs and adopt them!! how cool?! check out their FB page here), the fact that one of my favourite films Before Midnight was filmed there, or the warm, welcoming Greek people. We had a beautiful time at Costa Navarino and it was a great way to recharge our batteries!

We were in Greece because the resort was organizing a cultural weekend around Greek Costumes and how the traditional craftsmanship can be maintained in today's modern world. It was super interesting to discover the exhibition they had put together and we also attended a talk with a few local designers.

I hope that you guys will like these few shots and I wish you all a gorgeous day! Lots of love x

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in collaboration with Costa Navarino and Aegean Airlines