Over the past few weeks, I got to discover a new line of products by a Swedish brand called Barnängen. Not only are their products super soft on the skin (and very nicely scented!!), but the brand also has this whole Swedish lifestyle of « lagom » that they promote along with their products (which by the way are now available in Switzerland!)

Lagom means « just right ». Although it seems simple, it has the powerful ability to describe a whole lifestyle. It’s a sense of feel-good balance.

Nowadays, with technology surrounding us, I feel like we are all living at a super-fast rhythm, and sometimes it is important to slow down and put some balance back into your life. I followed a fast-moving lifestyle for the past few years and lately I have realized the importance of balance and how much it can affect my body and soul.

Thanks to Barnängen, I have been trying to live more according to the lagom lifestyle and my favorite thing to do at this time of the year is to take long walks in nature. I try to really acknowledge the moment, breathe in the peacefulness and breathe out the anxiety. I know it sounds cliché but I know it definitely helped me a lot.

I hope that you guys will like these few images and that this post will inspire you to put a little bit of lagom into your life! Lots of love x

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in cooperation with Barnängen. you can get the products at Manor, Coop City, Müller and Loeb