Back when Luca and I started this blog, we did not know much about photography. I had a small DSLR because I was an art student and he had a vague interest for photography, but that was about it. Fast forward five years later, we have now based a lot of what we do on creating inspiring images and Luca has become a professional photographer (among other things).

It did not happen overnight though. It took a lot of time, countless hours spent learning by himself and a constant search for updated gear that would match his growing skills. My point is that if you are interested in photography, or more generally in blogging or making YouTube videos, you have to start from the beginning. It is completely normal to struggle at first, maybe feel  disappointed at times - the important thing is that you should never give up. It's okay, it will take time but in the end, if you are passionate, patient and consistent, you will see the evolution.

We recently started working with our favorite photography brand, Canon (talk about a dream come true) and we have been testing their new Canon EOS 200D camera. It's a small, light weight DSLR that we use on the go and that is absolutely perfect for social media, or for anyone who wants to start with photography. It allows you to send the pictures to your phone directly via bluetooth, and it is super intuitive and easy to use. And now for the best part...


Canon offered me the chance to give away a Canon EOS 200D starting kit (including the basic 18-55mm lens) worth over 700€ ! If you want to enter, just leave a comment here below and I will randomly pick a winner on December 15. Good luck guys and merry xmas ♡

PS: for a second chance to win you can also enter the giveaway on my Instagram account

PPS: find out more about our photography gear and secrets in my latest YouTube video below! 

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this post was created in collaboration with Canon, however all of the opinions expressed here are 100% mine. I would not have accepted to work on this project if I did not genuinely think it was interesting for you guys or if it did not make sense for my blog. 

all of the pictures of this article where the camera does not appear were shot with the new Canon EOS 200D.