There are few things I love more than a cozy day at home. Even though I love traveling and exploring the world, I also need calm home days where I can relax and take time for myself. It’s a balance that I need in my life and I have realized throughout the years that without this balance my entire world melts down – I see it on my skin, I feel more stressed out, I don’t sleep well... This is why I now know I need to make space for those home days in my schedule, no matter how busy it gets.

I feel like during winter time it is even more special to take a step back and enjoy a day inside, surrounded by lots of cushions, warm throws, good books and of course some nice Lindor chocolate. To me these things go hand in hand; no cozy days at home without comfy clothes and throws, no great books or feel good movies without a cup of tea and some chocolate.

Music also plays an important part when it comes to creating a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. It may seem trivial but it can make such a big difference, at least for me – I can be in a bad mood or super stressed out but as soon as I put on my favourite songs, I instantly feel calmer and more serene. Here are a few songs I love at the moment:

  • Liam Gallagher – Chinatown
  • Ed Sheeran – Save Myself
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Soul To Squeeze
  • Harry Styles – Sweet Creature
  • Bon Iver – Perth

I’m pretty sure that with all of this you are holding all the cards to create your own little bubble of calm and happy, and to have a perfect cozy day at home. It doesn’t have to be an entire day, a few hours are usually enough and if you are working all day, you can transform the cozy day into a cozy night ­– as long as you make sure that you take a few hours for yourself, the effect should be the same. And of course, don’t forget the chocolate!

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