This is a look I created for a collaboration with iconic fashion brand Prada – I worked with them around an event last December and it was kind of a pinch me moment!

This collaboration has definitely been a highlight of 2017 and this is why I thought today I would share with you a few tips I collected over the years on how to work with your favorite brands as a blogger. So here is a new section, #BoB (or Business of Blogging) this time with a few do’s and dont’s that will hopefully help you score some dream partnerships!


be consistent with your brand

It’s important to remain true to who you are, to your brand. As a “personal blogger”, my brand is basically myself, what I like and what I don’t like. You can obviously decide for yourself what you want to focus on, be it travel, beauty, fashion or even all of them together. This will become your identity and once you have decided on it you should stick to it no matter what (or at least as long as it makes sense for you!).

For example, I would say that “my brand” is somewhere in between a fashion enthusiast and a girl next door. I mix and match designers with more accessible brands in my outfits but the general feel is quite high end and luxurious. Style wise, I consider myself somewhere along the lines of bohemian, rock’n’roll, vintage inspired. I also put a strong focus on speaking up about social and political issues (follow me on Instagram stories for that!), as well as things that inspire me in my daily life such as music or vegetarian food for instance.

These are elements that define my online persona, and keeping that in mind it would for example be very unlikely for me to work with someone who sells meat. See what I mean? It’s important to be very consistent (I decline around 80% of incoming offers!) because you will attract not only an audience interested in your chosen topics but brands will also want to work with you if they feel that you match their vision. For example, if you focus on beauty tutorials it is likely that beauty brands will want to work with you (and airlines will probably look for someone else). Find your niche, what speaks to you and stick to it!


tag brands on social media

It may seem unimportant, but throughout my blogging years I did score a few incredible collaborations with brands by first tagging them on Instagram or mentioning them in other publications. As stated above, try to stick with your brand and remain consistent.

In doing so, you will make it very clear to a certain brand that you organically enjoy their product (since you are already buying them and using them) making you the perfect fit for a collaboration. If the actual brand doesn’t notice you, there’s still a high chance a competitor will and if your are consistent there’s a good chance you will like that brand too! It’s a very organic way for you to get noticed, without looking needy – which brings me to my last point.


never approach a brand asking for free stuff or event invitations

Especially when you are starting out. There is nothing more annoying than seeing bloggers starting a blog only to be sent press samples and be invited to events and parties. Don’t get me wrong, there is no problem in reaching out to brands – what’s bad is if you start with this goal in mind, and see it as the main purpose of your blogging activity. Back when I started (ages ago in 2012) very few people were contacted by brands, let alone making money with their blogs. It was all about passion, about creating a community and connecting with people. The advantages of the job came with time, and it saddens me to see so many people starting out just to get free stuff nowadays.. It’s not about this guys!! You’ll never succeed if this is your end goal, trust me.

Now – once you have established yourself and have a steady little community, you can definitely send out emails to brands you love and really want to work with. You can just write something about being a fan of what they do and basically letting them know about your blog and passions. If they like your content and can see that it’s a match they will probably get back to you either politely declining your offer (but keeping you in mind for future jobs) or offer you a potential collaboration. Even though I did score a few collaborations by contacting brands directly, keep in mind that they will usually be much more successful when brands get in touch with you directly. Work hard on your content and focus on your voice and community – brands will come to you in the end, trust me!


I hope these few tips will help some of you out, and I wish you all lots of success but above all lots of fun with your blog if you’re starting one :)

Work hard, be passionate, honest and it will all come together. It might take time but believe me, if you do with all your heart, karma will take care of the rest!

all the love guys x


Prada dress (similar) – Prada Cloudburst sneakers – Prada Astrology Cahier bag (similar) – Prada earrings – All Saints coat (similar)