April 2011, Reunion Island, somewhere on the island's volcano.

My mom and I are way behind the rest of the family. What was supposed to be a six hour long hike turned into an eight hour long one for the both of us - we're not in very good shape, we're tired and hungry. We only have a small amount of water left but we stick together and decide to reach the top of the volcano anyway, even if everyone else is already on their way back.

This is one of the moments in my life where I really felt that my mom had my back. She could have probably followed the group but I was having a bad day, so she stayed behind with me and we went through the whole thing together.

Sometimes we disagree with our moms, sometimes we argue but at the end of the day, moms are always there for us - they always have our back. Mothers Day is the perfect occasion to be grateful and celebrate our moms, or the moms around us. It's important to keep in mind as well that some of us grew up without a mom or lost theirs - and Mothers Day can be very difficult for these people. But celebrating this special day doesn't necessarily mean you have to physically be with your biological mom. You can spend it with someone you are very close to, someone who's helped you when life got hard, someone else's mom, an aunt or a grandma for example.

Just take the day to do something fun together, go for a walk in the countryside, take her out for an ice cream or plan a pic nic in the forest! The idea is to take the time to spend a moment together, make new memories and celebrate your beautiful relationship.

And of course, as usual I couldn't leave you without a little playlist to put you in the mood for this beautiful day! Here are a few of my favorite songs at the moment:

- Brett Dennen - Good vibration
- Hollow Coves - Home
- JamesBay-Us
- Donovan Woods - Portland, Maine
- Brett Dennen - Just like the moon
- Martin Luke Brown - Shadow & light
- Fleetwood Mac - Landslide

Happy Mothers Day everyone, lots of love and have fun celebrating!

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