For the first time in years, I took a little film camera with me to capture spontaneous, raw moments of my trip to Marrakech. I remember going off to camp when I was a kid, with my little camera, trying to get some cool shots of my friends and I and all our adventures. It was so much fun!

I'll admit that I was a bit naughty and got a disposable camera, which isn't so good for the environment - but a friend of mine, and one of the coolest film photographers I know, told me it was a good option for a first dip in the magical world of film photography. So I followed her advice. And I'm quite pleased with the result. Some shots are a bit broken, a bit too noisy but for a first try, overall I'm happy with the outcome. There's something so special about film photography, sometimes I find myself dreaming about a time where we didn't have cameras on our phones and had to wait for the film to develop (sometimes only to find out they were all ruined, but that was part of the game). I guess as a 90s kid there's something quite homey and comforting about film - after all this is what I grew up with. Not always perfect, sometimes completely blurry, but at the same time, it makes the good shots so much more special.

Luckily in the meantime I was able to get my hands on a proper analog camera from the 90s, so in the future I hope I will get better at this! I'm often in front of the camera but my true passion was always to be behind it. I went to art school for years, and even though I didn't specialize in photography (far from it) I've always been drawn to it and I'm eager to get better at it.

Anyway - I hope you will like these few shots, and I'll see you soon! Lots of love x