I’ve never been to Japan but have wanted to visit for years. Everyone I know who went came back with tales of a beautiful country, with an inspiring culture and delicious dishes. I’ve heard of the delicate architecture of traditional temples, the energy of the streets of Tokyo, the kindness of Japanese people – and more recently, the dreamy, powdery snow in the north of the country. I did not know you could ski in Japan until I watched this short film. Ever since, it’s been anchored in my mind as a place I want to discover, preferably with my skis.

After a couple of difficult years that have made travelling to the other side of the globe close to impossible, it seems like the world is slowly opening up again. I’ve been daydreaming about what my next destination could be, spending hours reading guides and making up imaginary travel routes in my head. One of them is the much anticipated trip to Japan.

My ideal scenario would be to fly from Switzerland to Tokyo, spend a few days there to soak in the energy of the city and learn more about Japanese culture. I would then go north, to Sapporo and Niseko, in the province of Hokkaido, for a few days of skiing in what is rumoured to be one of the best powders in the world, and to connect with Japan’s magical nature. I’ve heard there’s nothing like it.

Crossing fingers this can happen in 2022!

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