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tiphainemarie.com a été fondé en 2012 par Tiphaine Marie, passionnée de mode, et Luca Tornese, photographe. Ce qui a commencé comme un simple journal de style a rapidement évolué pour devenir l’un des blogs mode et voyage les plus lus en Suisse, avec une grande audience non seulement en Suisse mais également dans le monde entier.

Au fil des années, Tiphaine et Luca ont eu la chance de pouvoir travailler avec certaines de leurs marques préférées, telles que Christian Louboutin, Dior et Bobbi Brown, ce qui leur a valu l’attention de magazines tels que Glamour, Grazia, et Refinery 29. L’audience de tiphainemarie.com est jeune et tendance, intéressée par la mode et la beauté, et plus généralement par l’opinion d’une girl next door qui découvre l’industrie de la mode. Le voyage est aussi très présent autant sur le blog que sur les réseaux sociaux de Tiphaine, qui partage ses coups de coeurs et bonnes adresses avec ses abonnés. 



Pour plus d’informations, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.


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  • for a while now I have been using @avedaswitzerland products to take care of my hair — I love this brand. Aveda was founded over 40 years ago with the mission to treat the environment and people with care and respect. that’s why all Aveda products are:
made from pure flower and plant essences
made from recyclable packaging
not tested on animals.
love this 🖤 if you’re looking for a new hair care brand to try i highly recommend it :)
  • favourite poem 🖤 by lord byron

i studied english literature for 3 years at uni, i miss it so much now! taking the time to read all these amazing pieces, analysing them, discussing them in class.. so many people around me thought i was crazy to study something just because i liked it, with no professional goal, but it was so fulfilling and made me grow so much as a person. a few years later here i am, very happy in my professional life and absolutely not regretting studying something i loved without a precise goal in mind. sometimes you just have to follow your instinct ✨✨✨
  • #LaMerBlueHeart ♲

today we are cleaning Lake Zurich with @lamer — you’d think Switzerland would be a clean country but you have no idea how much trash we found at the bottom of the lake! swipe to see a few of the things we found in just a couple of hours. everything from a skateboard to a laptop, 3 speakers, 5 phones, champagne glasses, a bottle of perfume, about 7 scooters, a few bicycles.. remember to keep your trash away from nature and consume mindfully to avoid producing unnecessary waste
  • new life purpose: move to hawaii (or somewhere else warm and sunny, close to the ocean) for a little while 🌴🌴🌴 not sure it’s gonna happen anytime soon but hopefully someday in the future!
  • summer essentials ☼

a good bikini, a great book, and silky smooth legs! all I need for a beautiful day out in the sun.

@bic_group #bicsoleilschweiz #letsshinewithbicsoleil 
  • you know that chanel bag you’ve been dreaming of? those balenciaga shoes, that cartier bracelet? they won’t make you feel whole. these things are not the end goal. if you can afford them, amazing! but if you can’t, don’t beat yourself up. there are more important things in life. true happiness is this — being free. being outside. exploring your surroundings. nature. wilderness. feeling the connection with the universe. nothing will make you feel more alive, trust me 🖤