sundays in hyde park
This past weekend was so relaxing and cozy. After a few super stressful weeks we finally had two days to sit back and relax, take some time for long walks in the park and even though we still had quite a lot of work to do over the weekend the general atmosphere was much more chilled out, which felt great. I am so grateful that we are able to walk...
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Dior party and my fave hotel in Zurich
Last week we headed to Zurich for the prestigious ZFF, the film festival that is held every year in the city. We were invited by Dior to their annual cocktail party which was so beautiful! It was lovely to catch up with my blogger friends and to party with Dior in the incredible location they had picked for the party. Before that I also got...
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life in london
Guyyys i am so so sorry for the lack of updates! It's been so crazy over here and we STILL don't have internet at home.. Thankfully there's a wifi hotspot across the street thatΒ I can kinda access ifΒ I stand on the couch with one foot in the air and the laptop held as far as possible above my head haha Anyways, apart from that life in London is treating us...
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  • annnnd we're off to Greece for a few days πŸ–€ follow along in my stories!
  • new post up on my blog about those cozy weekend walks in Hyde Park πŸ–€ link in bio!
  • whatever you give to the universe you will get in return, remember that guys πŸ–€
  • fall days in hyde park πŸ–€
  • guuuyyys there's a new post up on my blog! telling you all about the @dior party we went to a couple of weeks ago πŸ–€ link in bio!  #zalandostyle #lullisurlatoile #rogervivier
  • cozy fall weekend in london πŸ–€ hope you guys are all enjoying the weather as well!