Skin update – natural remedies for eczema
After sharing a video about my skin story last spring, I thought it was about time I wrote about it on here as well and gave you a little update. In case you haven't seen it, in the video I talked about my experience with eczema, a mild but very annoying skin condition I've been living with since I was a child. It was always a bit on and off,...
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Current favourite books & 2019 reading list
This cover image released by Crown Publishing Group shows "Becoming," by Michelle Obama, which comes out Nov. 13. (Crown Publishing Group via AP) I have loved books for as long as I can remember. I was the kind of kid who spent hours glued to my favourite novels, who didn't want to come down for dinner or go to sleep because I had to finish a...
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BLACK FRIDAY: 5 things to keep in mind + ethical offers
As you probably know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching and while it can be a good occasion to score a great deal on something you wanted to buy anyway, more often than not we feel like we need to buy stuff just because it is on sale, only to discard everything a few months later. This is why I have decided to share with you a few...
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  • how to have a beach body:
1. have a body
2. go to the beach!
no more social pressure to look a certain way please ✌🏼 every body type is valid and worthy of love and respect.
with that said, there’s nothing wrong with taking care of your body, as long as you don’t feel the pressure to force yourself to do it, but do it because it makes YOU feel good! over the past few months i have been going to @foreverinstitut in geneva, we removed my armpit hair with a laser and it was so life changing for me! nothing wrong with hair but personally i am happier without it — and if you’re like me i can 100% recommend that place to get the treatment done
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