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  • when’s the last time you did something for the first time?

i’m being very careful on the board, i’m the clumsiest person ever and i have a history of hurting myself doing these kind of things so i’m taking it super slow! but i’m doing it anyway because it’s fun and i love learning new things ✌🏼 #brandymelvilleeu @brandymelvilleeu
  • one of those days when london kind of feels like cali 🌞🌞🌞 never lasts long but it always feels so good!

wearing my new @thetomhope anchor bracelet :) love that it’s unisex and such a perfect addition to a summery arm party!

you can get 15% OFF @thetomhope with the code TMP15 🌞

#tomhope #london
  • when the flowers make you sneezy, red eyed & itchy but you still hang out with them cause they’re pretty 🌿

wearing an look from @aboutyoude #AboutYouStyle
  • sometimes i feel like i was born in the wrong decade, i feel so connected to eras of the past i haven’t even lived in 🖤 crazy

#zalandostyle #freepeople #freepeopleuk
  • when your neighbourhood looks that good 🖤
  • 💋✌🏼 bisous bisous from london where the days are getting longer and longer!
love this summer feeling when you can stay out until 10pm and it’s not even dark outside yet :)
wearing an outfit from @aboutyoude #AboutYouStyle