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  • why is it completely okay for men to walk on the beach with their nipples out, yet when a woman does it everyone stares at her like she’s some kind of weirdo? why is it okay for women to cry when they’re sad, but men are expected to put on a brave face and hide their feelings? why can men sit with their legs spread in public transportation but women are told they shouldn’t because it’s not classy?

society dictates these things, we are told from a young age that girls should wear pink and enjoy baking and boys should wear blue and play with cars. but at the end of the day we are all humans and we should be free to do whatever the fuck we want. double standards suck, here’s to hoping we can all be equals one day ✌🏼
  • spontaneously decided to stay for a few extra days by the sea because we’re having such a great time 🌊🌊🌊 feels good to be connecting with nature again and taking some time off! hope you guys are all having a nice weekend as well x

#sardegna #REVOLVEsummer
  • today i wanted to share a few of the things i have been doing recently to feel better and more balanced:

i started working out again and have been practicing yoga a few times a week since the end of last year 🙏🏼✨ this really helped me be in touch with my body again and find a balance in my everyday life! i am so much happier now and i never thought i’d say this, but after a week at the beach i kind of miss working out! crazy.

i also tried a @martinedericheville treatment over the winter. the weekly massages helped getting rid of the toxins in my body and soften cellulite.

finally, i got laser hair removal on my armpits at @foreverinstitut in geneva, it’s one of those little things that really change your life! i’m not saying that hair is bad, i know that as women especially we are pressurised by society to meet certain beauty standards which we don’t always identify with. if you’re happy with your body being natural and don’t mind the hair then good for you!! please don’t feel like you have to do this to be a woman! BUT if you feel like getting rid of your hair will make YOU feel better then this is a very good, cost effective long term solution.

in the end it’s all about what makes you feel like you, what you want for your own body. you can feel empowered by those things because they make you feel better when you look at yourself in the mirror and that’s okay, but if you don’t feel like it that’s okay too and you shouldn’t let society dictate the way you live your life 🖤

ps. the bikini is from @revolve, you can get 20% OFF site wide with the code LOVERSFRIENDS until friday midnight ✨ #REVOLVEsummer #martinedericheville #foreverinstitut
  • magical boat ride to see the dolphins 🌊 there’s nothing more incredible than seeing beautiful creatures in the wild, it makes my heart skip a beat every time and fills it with love. if you have kids or work with kids or if you’re just a kid at heart, please remember not to go to the zoo guys!! it’s so much more beautiful to see animals in the wild. i’d rather see those animals way less often but see them in their natural environment, where they are the happiest & completely free. zoos and sea parks like sea world are inhumane and despite what they might say, definitely not a good way to get educated about the animals. please please please keep that in mind 🖤

also moments like these remind me of how important it is to protect the oceans 🌊 we live on an amazing planet and today more than ever we must protect it! please remember not to dump your trash in nature, pick it up if you find someone else’s, and reduce your use of single use plastic!

lots of love guys x