REVOLVE around the world, London edition
  As you may have seen on my Instagram, a few weeks ago Revolve moved its iconic #REVOLVEaroundtheworld extravaganza across the pond and set camp in London town for a few days. The program was as good as you'd expect: from a tour of London in a flowery double decker to a fancy lunch at Cliveden House, a breathtaking estate in the countryside where Meghan Markle got ready for the Royal Wedding,...
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My Current Favourites

  I feel like it's been ages since I posted on here guys! I am sorry about this, I have been super duper busy but today I wanted to tell you about an amazing sale happening over the weekend: La Redoute is having a mega event offering 40% OFF EVERYTHING! Cray-cray. From clothing to shoes, workout wear, bikinis and home stuff (my...
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Mother’s Day in the Countryside
April 2011, Reunion Island, somewhere on the island's volcano. My mom and I are way behind the rest of the family. What was supposed to be a six hour long hike turned into an eight hour long one for the both of us - we're not in very good shape, we're tired and hungry. We only have a small amount of water left but we stick together and decide to...
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Home tour and decor inspo with La Redoute
I recently added a few bits & bobs to our place and changed a few things - even though I feel like sometimes home decoration can be overwhelming in the sense it never feels complete, I still really enjoy it. I especially like changing a few things when a new season arrives (as I was telling you a while ago) and I thought I'd share with you how I...
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Terre de Lumière
Waking up before sunrise is something that I absolutely love, even though it is sometimes quite difficult for me. For a while now I have tried, not every day but at least a couple of days every week, to get up before the sun and enjoy a peaceful, calming morning ritual. I light a few candles, make myself a cup of tea, and practice yoga with a slow music...
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  • happy weekend loves ♥
  • unfollow social media accounts that make you feel bad about yourself
  • rachel green cardigan anyone? (yes i started watching friends again ✌🏼)
  • absolutely LOVED reading @michelleobama’s new book “becoming”, she is such an inspiring person!! 100% recommend it 🖤
i also just shared a reading list on my blog with some old favourites and the books i want to read in 2019, link in bio
  • Sun says, “Be your own illumination”.
Wren says, “Sing your heart out, all day long”.
Stream says, “Do not stop for any obstacle”.
Oak says, “When the wind blows, bend easily, and trust your roots to hold”.
Stars say, “What you see is one small slice of a single modest galaxy. Remember that vastness cannot be grasped by mind”.
Ant says, “Small does not mean powerless”.
Silence says nothing.
In the quiet, everything comes clear.
I say, “Limitless”.
I say, “Yes”. Danna Faulds
  • memories from cornwall 🌊🌊🌊