I feel like it's been ages since I posted on here guys! I am sorry about this, I have been super duper busy but today I wanted to tell you about an amazing sale happening over the weekend: La Redoute is having a mega event offering 40% OFF EVERYTHING! Cray-cray. From clothing to shoes, workout wear, bikinis and home stuff (my...
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Christmas goodies for everyone
One of my favorite things about Christmas is finding the perfect gift for everyone I love. It sounds kind of cheesy but I really enjoy trying to find exciting presents that will make the person feel special and that I know they will really appreciate. Call me a freak but I do start xmas shopping around mid-November, and I have actually found almost all of my presents as we speak...
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our photography secrets + DSLR giveaway
Back when Luca and I started this blog, we did not know much about photography. I had a small DSLR because I was an art student and he had a vague interest for photography, but that was about it. Fast forward five years later, we have now based a lot of what we do on creating inspiring images and Luca has become a professional photographer (among other things). It did...
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The truth about paid partnerships with brands
We all know that the holiday season, as beautiful and exciting as it is, is also one of the most commercial times of the year. From Black Friday on until right before Christmas Day, it kind of feels like every single brand on the planet tries to get our attention and make us buy their products rather than the next ones - and it can be overwhelming. Bloggers are no...
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Over the past few weeks, I got to discover a new line of products by a Swedish brand called Barnängen. Not only are their products super soft on the skin (and very nicely scented!!), but the brand also has this whole Swedish lifestyle of « lagom » that they promote along with their products (which by the way are now available in Switzerland!) Lagom means « just right ». Although...
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